"What all Student Service Providers Need to Know"
Mastery Test

  This will test your basic knowledge of the information that is contained in the What all Student Service Providers Need to Know document. This test can be completed within 15 - 30 minutes.

Instructions for completing the test:

  • Click the oval corresponding to the answer you want to select.
  • Click the "Check My Answer" button to learn if you answered correctly.
  • If you answer incorrectly, you will be provided with a page number directing you to find the answer within the document.  Click "OK" and try again.
  • Once you have answered correctly, click "OK" and then "Next" at bottom right to move on.

To look up answers, you can use the printed version or the electronic version of the document.  Instructions for using the electronic file:

  • To save an electronic version of the document, right-click on the What all Student Service Providers Need to Know link and choose "Save Target As" to save the file to your computer. 
  • Open the file in Microsoft Word.
  • To use the hyperlinks in the electronic document, you MUST hold down the Ctrl key as you click on the link.

Once you successfully complete the mastery test you will receive a certificate of completion.