Projects for Assessment in Gen. Ed. Statistics

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"One is so much less than two"
John Tukey

Description:  Sixteen projects, their solutions and corresponding WORD files are provided.  The WORD files can be downloaded and assigned to your students.  The WORD files can also be modified.  Step by step instructions for using the TI 83 / 84 calculator for list management, calculating probabilities, finding confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing are included.  These projects are used in both my online and traditional classroom Gen Ed Statistics course.

Handouts are located online at:

List (data) Management

Select the TI-83 or the TI-Smartview screen to learn about:

  • Saving data lists (STAT editor, L1 - L6) to named lists.

  • Recalling named lists to the STAT editor (L1 - L6).

  • Transferring lists from your calculator to TI-Smartview.


Select the WORD icon on the left to be taken to the WORD documents
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Why Do You Have To Take Statistics?

  Optional Rainbow Six Projects

The Ebola Virus
Many of the projects have an alternate project based on Tom Clancy's book "Rainbow 6".  One of the subplots is the development of a biological virus by a group of extreme environmentalists.  Here are a few quotes from the book:
  • “Humankind was a parasitic species on the surface of the planet, destroying rather than nurturing.  People have killed off numerous species of animals and plants and in doing so, people have forfeited their right to be here.”

  • “He would start a global plague that would take lives in numbers far too great to tally, and in the end would leave alive only the elect.  It would save the planet, but at a ghastly price.”

  • "Phase Two would finish the job begun with the global panic that was sure to result from Phase One.  Four to six weeks after being injected, the “A” recipients would start to become ill.    A total of nineteen weeks, not even a half of a year, not even a full baseball season, and well over ninety-nine percent of the people on earth would be dead."
These alternate projects perform statistical analyses on the development of this deadly biological virus name the Shiva-Ebola virus.

Note: The reading Tom Clancy's "Rainbow 6" is not a  prerequisite for completing the projects.   There is sufficient information in the project to perform the statistic analysis required to complete the project and further the development of the Shiva-Ebola virus.

Projects and Hypothesis Testing

Rationale:  Descriptive Statistics
How difficult is it to construct a pie chart?

1a.  Project: Qualitative Data

1b.  Project: Qualitative Data (Rainbow 6)


2a.  Project:  Quantitative Data 

Use Descriptive Statistics to organize raw data into a table, make graphs, find measures of central tendency, dispersion, and outliers

2b.  Project: Quantitative Data
Rainbow 6


3a.  Project:  Venn Diagram 

Calculate the probabilities and odds for a patient experiencing an adverse side effect after taking an experimental allergy medication.  

Note:  Turn down your speakers.  This site has a sound file in the background.

3b.  Project:  Venn Diagram
(Rainbow 6) 


4.  Project Probability:  Space Shuttle.
When the space shuttle was launched, the crew had the same chances of surviving as if they were playing Russian Roulette using a gun having 8 chambers and 1 bullet.

Source for the statements used in the project.  "Against All Odds, Inside Statistics":

When you select the episode you want to view by clicking on "VoD", you will be asked to register with an e-mail address and create a password.  Once you have done this you can view any of the 26 episodes on the internet.  The Space Shuttle Challenger is episode 16.


5a.  Project:  "And" and Conditional

Calculate probabilities using "AND and conditional.

5b.  Project:  "And" and Conditional (Rainbow Six)


Rationale:  Probability Distributions 
How can the Las Vegas and other casinos make money on their games, video poker, and slot machines? Here are two projects that demonstrate how that is possible using probability distributions tables and expected value.

2005 House Raffle - Win One Of Over 1400 Prizes

6A.  Project:  Raffle

The actual home raffle site is :


Cash 4 CollegeWin 4 years of College Tuition (An annuity of $20,000 a year for 4 years) or $20,000 cash.  Each ticket costs $2.00.  There are 480,000 tickets.

6B.  Project:  Cash 4 College


7a.  Project:  Normal Distribution 

Calculate probabilities for a given x and determine x for a given probability.  Both probability tables and the built in functions of the TI 83/84 series calculator will be used.

7b.  Project Normal Distribution
(Rainbow 6)



8a.   Project Confidence Intervals:  Drug Testing Race Horses.
The Illinois State Racing Commission monitors horse racing at all the state racetracks and Summer county fairs.  One test that is performed is a blood-gas analysis.  

8b.  Project Confidence Intervals Single Sample Proportions
(Rainbow Six)

Using confidence intervals to test the claims made about proportions.


9a. Project Confidence Intervals:  Acceptance Sampling
Rather than test every item in a shipment, a sample is drawn.  Based upon the sample, the shipment is accepted or rejected.

9b.  Project Sample Size, C. I. for the Mean and S.D.
(Rainbow Six)

Confidence intervals are used to test the validity of claims made about the mean and standard deviation.

Hypothesis Testing, The 4 Step Process

10a.  Project:  Hypothesis Testing:  Single Sample Proportions
1.  Are stents as effective as surgery?
2.  Are drug coated stents better than bare metal stents?
3.  Are stents less effective then medical therapy alone?

10b.  Project:  Hypothesis Testing:  Single Sample Proportions
(Rainbow Six)

Confidence intervals are used to test the validity of claims made about proportions.  These are the same claims made in Project 8b.


The Ebola-Shiva Virus
Six Microns,
6 μm,
11a.  Project:  Hypothesis Testing, 
        Who Gets the Contract?

Six tire manufacturers submit tires to be tested.  Which company satisfies both the mean and standard deviation specifications of the bidding and are awarded the the contract for tires for all vehicles of the Illinois State Police?
11b.  Project:  Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis tests are used to test the validity of claims made about the mean and standard deviation.  Theses are the same claims made in Project 9b.
11c.  Project:  Hypothesis Testing Quality Control
Six batches of the virus have been produced.  Twelve samples are taken from each production run.  Which runs of the virus can be shipped to Sydney, Australia?


12a1.  Project Hypothesis Testing Two Means:  Is there Sex Discrimination in the Paycheck? 
Several major corporations have had to pay millions of dollars to settle "gender discrimination"  lawsuits.  As a result of these rulings, companies are very concerned with the parity of pay of  their employees.

12a2.  Project: Hypothesis Testing:  Two Means (Paycheck)Revisited (Normality).
In an effort to discredit labor's position, management argues that labor used an illegitimate test.

12b.  Project Hypothesis Testing: Two Means Independent and Dependent Samples (Rainbow 6)
Is gender a factor in resisting the Shiva-Ebola virus?


13a.  Project Hypothesis Testing Two Proportions:  Do Not Go To The Hospital On The Weekend!

Hospital death rates higher on weekends

BY JIM RITTER, HEALTH REPORTER     You have a greater chance of dying in the hospital if you are admitted on the weekend, when fewer doctors and nurses are working researchers have found.   In 23 of the 100 leading causes of death, mortality rates for patients admitted on weekends were higher than rates patients admitted during the week, University of Toronto researchers report.  There were no conditions in which death rates were lower on the weekends.  Researchers defined weekends as the period from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday.  Fewer staffers work then and those who do tend to have less seniority and experience.  Moreover there are fewer supervisors on weekends and they are often in charge of staffers they don't know well.  Dr. Bell and Dr. Redelmeier of The University of Toronto report in today's New England Journal of Medicine.
  Researchers analyzed 3.8 million admissions from emergency rooms in Ontario, Canada.  They found, for example, that 42 percent of patients admitted on weekends for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms died compared with 35 percent of patients admitted during the week.
   Police and fire departments are fully staffed on weekends, and hospitals should try to follow the pattern of these essential services.  Hospitals could entice doctors and nurses by paying more for weekend duty.  Hospitals could save money because it would be more efficient to fully use expensive equipment seven days a week, Redelmeier said.

13b.  Project Hypothesis Testing Two Proportions (Rainbow Six) 
Which version of the virus is most effective?


14a.  Project SLR:  What will the national debt be on Dec. 31, 2012?


The Outstanding Public Debt as of 07 Oct 2010 at 05:07:05 PM GMT is:

The estimated population of the United States is 309,250,560
so each citizen's share of this debt is $44,080.35.
Click on the National Debt above to view the current debt.

14b.  Project SLR (Rainbow Six)
What is the linear regression equation for the number of survivors of the Shiva-Ebola  virus?

14c.  Project SLR, Quadratic, Cubic (Rainbow Six)
What is the best regression equation for the number of survivors of the Shiva-Ebola  virus?


15a.  Project Goodness of Fit:  Binomial Distribution
        Does Derek Jeter's hitting follow a binomial distribution ?

15b.  Project Goodness of Fit:  Binomial Distribution (Rainbow 6)

Is the distribution normally distributed?
Does the distribution follow a binomial distribution?


16a.  Project Chi-Square:  Post Position and Order of Finish
Is there a dependency between the starting gate position and whether a horse finishes in "first place"?

Source for the starting position statistics:
Balmoral Park:
Maywood Park:

16b.  Project Chi-Square:  (Rainbow 6)
Is kidney failure dependent upon gender?


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Charlotte and Joseph Sukta