Sample Paragraph

Communications 101 (Dow)
Sample Paragraph

Topic Sentence:

Robert Lyn Nelson’s "Extinction is Forever" effectively illustrates a sense of hope.

Transition + Supporting Sentences # 1 & 2

First of all, the piece is hopeful because its focal point is a group of four humpback whales swimming in a seemingly endless ocean. Since the artist has chosen to depict a group of whales, rather than merely one of these great mammals, this image offers hope that the species will continue.

Transition + Supporting Sentences # 3 & 4

Also, the group of whales is made up of two adult humpbacks and two young humpbacks. The presence of the two offspring is significant: here the artist reinforces the optimistic message that at least at the present the humpbacks continue to thrive.

Transition + Supporting Sentences # 5 & 6

Most importantly, the four whales are shown swimming is a type of freeform circle. The circle represents the circle of life that will continue unbroken as long as the humpbacks are protected and thus saved from extinction.

Concluding Sentence

Thus, in a seemingly somber piece, Nelson sends a powerful and optimistic message: if concerned citizens intervene on behalf of the Pacific humpback whales, their extinction can be avoided.

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